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APE Press is a very small organisation but has a great ambition to help people communicate across the world. The more we talk, interact and positively understand each other in different countries the better our world will be. The types of documents available or in preparation are listed below. All pdf files can be freely down-loaded although donations will not be refused! As and when we have the resources hardcopy booklets are in the process of being published.

As director of APE-Press Ltd, I try my best to ensure that all the information in the booklets provided is correct but I am very far from being infallible. Your help - ‘Wikipedia’ style - would be greatly appreciated. If you see mistakes or feel that better explanation is necessary please do not hesitate to let us know at ape_press@yahoo.com. Any suggestions for booklets and cooperation would be welcomed.


Basic Language and Interactive Notes Folders


Language intro - grammar - lexical group vocabulary - notes

Shirt Pocket Toolboxes

Two books + vinyl box cover - Sized 72 x 106 x 14 mm

Unique characteristics: language groups - time clock - spaces for extra vocabulary